Reiki Crystal Healing Level II Part 1 & 2

This is a 2-day class, held on Wednesday and Sunday. The cost is $300 for both days, charged in full when booking Part 1.
Reiki II is the next exciting step in learning to use Reiki.
It is commonly reported that with Reiki II comes an increase in the Reiki energy.
The Level II Attunement is an initiation into the healing symbols of Reiki that enables a person to use the Level II symbols. The symbols do not represent separate energies, but a specific method of focusing on a specific aspect of the Reiki energy. The symbols allow for a convenient point of focus. You will learn how to use Crystal during sessions, a powerful addition to your Reiki healing! Focusing on chakra’s and distant healing, you will learn the power of dowsing too. You can learn how to manifest this life you want!
Instructors: Falli Shah
$300, Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa, 4236 St. Johns  Avenue, (904)381-8686
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