Luvin Arms Story

How incredible would it be if there were a safe, nurturing haven for abused and neglected farm animals? The fine folks at Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary in beautiful Erie, Colorado are providing just that.  Founded by the spa owner’s (Falli Shah) son, Shaleen Shah, and his wife Shilpi diligently work to inspire their community through outreach programs. They connect their community through compassion by providing a safe haven for these animals; lovingly referred to as their residents.

Rescued residents include cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, horses, goats, sheep, ducks, and a llama. These beautiful residents were rescued from horrific situations including abuse and neglect cases, factory farms, religious rituals, slaughterhouse-bound trucks, bankrupt farms, and more. They were left with nowhere to turn and would have been slaughtered if they hadn’t been saved.

If you would like to help with the rescue, feeding and medical efforts of Luvin Arms by making a monetary donation, please visit:

A visit to Luvin Arms sanctuary is much more than a fun day spent getting to know the amazing family of rescued animals. In fact, it is nearly impossible to leave without developing a deeper understanding of the unique personalities and complex emotional lives that all animals lead.

Luvin Arms is Vegan Friendly providing only plant based foods for their residents. Please kindly respect that if bringing in any food on to the sanctuary grounds. Visit to learn more about this wonderful organization.