Near Infrared Sauna

Near infrared saunas are the epitome of heat based detoxes! They are much better for those with respiratory issues as there is no steam that clogs the air or aggravates the lungs. It is also safer for those with complicated hairstyles such as perms and chemical straighteners due to the lack of steam.

Far infrared saunas can be dangerous due to the electromagnetic pollution they create but our sauna does not have this problem. The wavelengths fall of the spectrum of natural sunlight and help to jump start your skin’s natural healing process.

This light also penetrates about 3 and 1/2 inches into the skin, allowing for heat to grow from the inside out and allowing for your skin to heal on multiple levels rather than just the surface.

These natural wavelengths are concentrated and can aid in weight loss (reducing cellulite and fat deposits), help in healing the eyes, ease joint pain and arthritis, decrease blood pressure, and more!

The sauna can also help to calm the sympathetic nervous system (which is connected to the fight or flight response), so that your body may enter parasympathetic mode and heal itself while truly relaxing you. Using the infrared sauna can also aid in the reduction of eczema and acne.

Come and experience our Near Infrared Sauna with the added benefits of Himalayan salts. These added salts give the sauna an extra touch of relaxation with the ionic-filtered air that brings more positive energy and further detoxes your body! Our sauna is truly a wonderful experience and the first of its’ kind in Northeast Florida!