New Painless Alternative To Waxing – Eyebrow Threading

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JACKSONVILLE, FL — Say goodbye to the pain, redness, and swelling of waxing. An ancient procedure from India has made its way to the First Coast. Threading offers an alternative to the traditional waxing and plucking. And it is quick and cheap.

The practitioner uses a special cotton thread from India to twist off each individual hair. It is commonly used to remove hair on your eye brows, upper lip and other places with unwanted facial hair.

One of the few places on the First Coast that does threading is the Seventh Wonder Day Spa. The spa owner, Falli Shah says, “Threading is just pulling out the hair. It’s not doing anything bad to your skin.”

During the procedure, Falli holds one end of the cotton thread in her teeth and the other in her hand. The thread is looped through the middle and index fingers of the other hand. Then Falli uses the loop to trap a series of unwanted hairs and pull them from the skin.

Unlike waxing, threading allows more precision.

Falli Shah

Sara Daniel

“It’s real accurate and that’s what I like about it,” says Sara Daniel, who regularly gets threading.

“It’s always perfectly symmetrical and it lasts about four weeks.

The time frame for return visits is about three to four weeks. The cost is usually around $15 for the eyebrows and about $12 for the upper lip. The whole process only takes about five minutes. And Sara Daniel says the best part is after it’s all done, “There is no swelling or redness.”

Sara Daniel says there is only a little pain with threading. But the twisting of the thread does cause a noise that can catch new patients by surprise.

Some people who use threading says it saves their skin.

“If you are applying hot wax and ripping the paper off the skin eventually your skin sags in that area,” Falli says.

“But threading is only pulling the hair out from the roots, not stretching the skin.”

In the past, one of the disadvantages of threading has been it is hard to find a location that offers the service. But now a few spas and salons along the First Coast are starting to catch on – making threading a more accessible First Coast Trend.

By Julia Crowley
First Coast News