Intuitive Tarot Card Readings $90 for 1 Hour

A tarot session will lift you out of the noise of daily life and reconnect you with your inner guidance. Readings show you how to navigate change, where to focus energy and how to move through the cross-currents of daily life.

Elemental Tarot is practiced which establishes an understanding of the connections between heart, mind, body, and your inner fire that currently impacts your well being. Our tarot readers are sought after for holding space for their clients and accessing messages that want to be known.

Every reading includes a spread customized to your inquiry, plus an embodiment card for incorporating the reading into the rhythms of your life. Everyone is welcomed and honored.

Popular readings include:

Career navigation Crossroads and Change
Planning for love Yearly/Seasonal Overviews
Birthday Readings Lunar Alignment
Dream Interpretation Spiritual Insight

You may book an appointment by phone at 904-381-8686 or on our website ( under Intuitive Services.

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