A First Experience with Shirodhara

“My first experience with Seventh Wonder Holistic Spa was nothing short of incredible!  With my other senses already engaged, my eyes basked in the soft glow and tranquil beauty of the lobby, which offers a quiet refuge from the outside world! After sitting for a moment in the tranquility room enjoying a cup of rare tea, I was given a robe and guided into my room. Soft music played as I laid down and relaxed before the treatment began.

Within moments, Falli, the owner and facilitator joined me. She was absolutely delightful! Unfamiliar with the Ayurveda practice, Falli spent a moment reviewing the service and answering all of  my questions. She explained that Ayurveda is an ancient form of medical science focusing on all elements of a person: mind, body, spirit, and heart. The goal of the treatment is to bring balance to  your body and your five senses.

The treatment began with a relaxing massage and the placement of hot rocks all over my body. Next, I received a lengthy foot massage with specialty oils in order to detox my body of chemicals. This practice is called Abhyanga. Falli explained that it promotes longevity and restores the balance of the doshas, or energies that govern our body. This practice not only nurtures physical improvement, but it is believed that anointing the body with oils is the highest form of self-love within the Ayurvedic practice.  

During the next part of the service, a large hand-crafted, metal oil holder was positioned on a stand above my head. Warm oil flowed slowly from the stand above dripping onto the center of my forehead. With the aid of gravity, the warm oil continued flowing down my head and into my hair pleasantly massaging my scalp. The subtle noise of the oil moving through its metal holder and the sound of it dripping onto my forehead created a rhythm that focused my thoughts into meditation. I slowly drifted into sleep and when I awoke I felt clear, relaxed, and focused.

When the oil dripping concluded, I received a fantastic scalp massage and a brief shoulder and arm massage. The warm stones were removed from my body and my feet were massaged and wrapped with warm towels. As I slowly opened my eyes, I felt unbelievably refreshed. My skin felt warm and softened by the oil, my mind felt sharpened by the time of meditation, and my body relaxed from the treatment.

Afterward, I indulged in the Near-Infrared Sauna. This six by four foot sauna is sealed with beautiful cedar wood panels and the floor is covered in tiny granules of Himalayan salt rock.  As I walked in the sauna, my feet were gently massaged by the pink rock, which is chemically similar to many minerals founds within the body including iron, zinc, and copper. The contact with the salt assists in balancing your electrolytes, pH, and metabolism and also helps restore natural chemicals to the body.  In the middle of the room are four large lights. These lights provide dry heat and penetrate three inches within the body. The silent room was a perfect end to my time at the spa! With my body warmed and my mind at ease, I felt grounded and ready to re-enter the busy outside world with all of its daily demands.

Overall, the unique and exotic services offered at Seventh Wonder delighted my mind, body, and spirit! Falli is an amazing instructor and her warmth and passion echoes and reverberates through every experience the spa has to offer. I would encourage novice and experienced spa-goers alike to try Seventh Wonder.” – Alison C.