Liquid Drip Helps Relax the Body – Shirodhara

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JACKSONVILLE, FL — Busy schedules can make finding a way to relax crucial to our well-being. Some First Coast residents are learning about a unique way to relax, Shirodhara. It’s an ancient technique from India using a stream of liquid to soothe away worries.

One of few places offering Shirodhara on the First Coast is Seventh Wonders Day Spa.

The 5,000 year old technique involves a stream of warm fragrant water, oil or buttermilk gently flowing across the forehead and over the top of the head.

“I start by putting stones on the body that will make people more relaxed that will help the muscles loosen up,” says Falli Shah, owner of the Seventh Wonder Day Spa. “I massage the neck and the people also get a foot massage to help the body relax”

The key part of shirodhara is a steady stream of liquid that is dispensed from a device hanging above the client’s head. “It’s very soothing, says Ruby Jorgensen, a yoga instructor and frequent Shirodhara client. “It’s although you can drift away into a quiet mediation in your mind.

You can go to a nice, peaceful place and you feel like a stream is beside you. You use the water to visualize really peaceful things.”

The fluid, often warm water, slowly drips onto the person’s forehead and trickles down the head. “The way the water trickles into your hair and down your head is very relaxing,” says Jorgensen.

Different fluids can be used to help with certain aliments. “Buttermilk helps with dandruff on the scalp,” says Shah. Oil and water are said to be good for people with insomnia. “Many illnesses start with your stress,” says Shah. “Whenever people come here they’re dumping all the stress here during Shirodhara and then they go home.”

The whole process takes from 45 to 60 minutes. The cost is $125.00 and includes Shirodhara, pedi karma and hot stone therapy.

By Julia Crowley
First Coast News