A treat for any couple! A fantastic way to express love, devotion & appreciation. Escape the stresses of the world together in our tranquil oasis.

Packages are booked with a 50% deposit fee.

Couple’s Wonder – $560

The ultimate in relaxation! This couple’s package includes a 60-minute aromatherapy massage, an aromatherapy facial, sauna, parabath for the hands, Indian head and shoulder treatment, chocolates and champagne.

Couple’s Tease – $375

A decadent experience for your senses! This couple’s package includes a 40-minute aromatherapy massage, aromatherapy facial, sauna, parabath for the hands, chocolates and champagne.

Stone Kisses – $390

Enjoy a 45-minute hot stone massage and 45-minute energy work complete with champagne and chocolates.

Couple’s Embrace – $250

Enjoy a cozy 70-minute massage and 30 minutes of Infrared sauna treatment with luxurious chocolates and champagne.

Bodhi Manas Package $350

Bodhi Manas Revitalize and hydrate with this ayurvedic package for two that includes abhyanga (warm herb-infused oil massage), ubtan exfoliation (body scrub made from natural ingredients that helps to remove dead skin cells and improve lymphatic drainage from the body), hot spiced tea and dates. These two services combine to create a relaxing experience that will leave your skin feeling moisturized, supple, and renewed.