The Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan salt is an amazing natural substance with powerful healing properties. It naturally occurs with over 80 of the trace minerals found in the human body. This includes magnesium, potassium, calcium, chloride, phosphorus, and iron!

Consuming Himalayan salt can help to balance the body’s natural pH levels, reduce muscle cramps, balance blood sugar, balance hormones, improve sleep, support weight loss, aid digestion and absorption of nutrients, ward off signs of aging, and more!

From a holistic perspective this gift from the divine can help to calm allergies and asthma symptoms due to its’ negative ions and is extremely useful for detoxing, but most importantly it can help to filter negative energy out of the area and out of anyone who consumes it or is near it.

Our Himalayan Salt Room is gorgeously covered in pure Himalayan salt bricks. It’s not just a delectable treat for the eyes; it helps to filter the air and bestows all of its’ benefits to those who stay in it for an extended time.

The Himalayan salt room is used mainly for couple’s treatments but can house any treatment in the spa! If you’d like to reserve the luxuriously healing salt room for your single treatment (facial, massage, acupuncture, etc.) it’s only $20.00 to receive the fill benefit.

Ask us for more about Himalayan salt! We have Himalayan salt lamps in a variety of unique shapes, inhalers, hand-made jewelry. bath salts, scrubs, candle-holders, detox plates, serving platters, cooking/grilling blocks, edible salt, and more!