Understanding Your Auras with Falli Shah

Our first class we covered the topic of Auras and how they affect the human body to prepare for the following classes that will cover the 7 main chakra points.

What we learned:

  • What is an aura?

An aura is an electromagnetic radiation or emanation of energy that surrounds the body. It is the radiance of the soul and is both physical and spiritual in nature.

The aura consists of 7 layers known as the physical, lower, higher, spiritual, institutional, and absolute planes.

Each one of the subtle bodies that exists around the physical body has its own unique frequency. All of the subtle bodies are interrelated and each body affects the others.

These subtle bodies can affect a person’s feelings, emotions, thought patterns, behavior, and overall health.

The human aura is also a visual measure of our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual states. Everything that we do or think affects the aura so it is usually in a state of flux and ever-changing based on our mental meandering and physical health.

Our auras are also affected by the environment, force fields of the planet, and radio frequencies that interpenetrate all forms of matter.

  • Why do we have auras?

Everything is made up of pure energy which vibrates at a specific frequency. The cells in our bodies are made up of vibratory energy particles called electrons, protons, and neutrons. When these particles vibrate, a small electrical impulse is generated in our bodies. When there is an electrical impulse in our bodies, a magnetic field gets developed automatically which is the AURA!

Even animals have auras. Since everything in the Universe is made up of the same tiny particles which means EVERY LIVING THING HAS AN AURA!

We also learned about:

  • Subtle bodies

– Etheric Body: outlines your physical body and is grayish white in color

Emotional Body: associated with the vibrational level of inner feelings

– Mental Body: associated with vibrational level of thoughts and mental processes of the ego

Astral Body: associated with areas of expression on a physical, emotional, and mental level

Etheric Template: where matter is shaped into the physical

Celestial Body: associated to the processes of enlightenment

Ketheric Body: associated with the Divine or Universal Consciousness

We also learned about how negative thoughts can affect the aura by what we subject ourselves to. We covered topics about low-vibrational feelings and emotions such as rage and anger, the negativity that is displayed constantly by the media, and how important it is to know what and what not to tune into. Surrounding yourself with good energy, positive thought forms, healing music, meditation, and exercise will cleanse your aura of negativity.

Some of the ways that you can cleanse and protect your aura are listed below:

– Herbal Teas

-Being in Nature

-Sound Healing Bowls


-Eating high-vibrational living foods (Fruits & Vegetables)

-Energy Healing (Reiki & Pranic Healing)

-Essential Oils

– Color Therapy

-Crystal Gemstones

We even discussed how to SEE your aura, aura colors, and what the colors can signify about you!

Feel free to take notes on all of the things mentioned below if you missed out on our first class. Understanding the auras is very beneficial to understanding the chakras as they both play a key role in your well being and health.

*If you are interested in our next class, we will be covering the topic of the Muladhara (Root) Chakra and the aura associated with it.